Message from President
Dear Friends,

City beautiful Fazilka was built in 1844 and I’m delighted to tell you that it was the first planned city of Undivided Punjab. It exemplifies the perfect amalgamation of British and Indian architecture. The sole aim of the Municipal Council, Fazilka is to develop the social and physical infrastructure of the township as per International benchmarks.

On 13th August, 2008, I became the President of Municipal Council, Fazilka. I was flabbergasted to find that Municipal Council was at that time in huge debt. I have to brave out the debt as well as reorganise the entire MC administration. In my first assignment, I endeavour to promote work culture through the staff and employees of Municipal Council and fix their accountability towards respected public and even the common man of my loving city.

Then, the hazards of snarling traffic was another challenge before us. We have to brave it too. With the local NGOs, I tried to manage the traffic conditions of the city, resultantly; Car Free Zone Area – a venture of a newest kind came into existence. Needless to say that, with our indefatigable efforts, Fazilka emerged as the first car free city of the county.

After that there was no turning back. “Clean the City” was another gigantic challenge before us which we also accepted. We mechanised the entire process of roads and sewerage cleaning. Within the span of three years, today, our team feels proud in announcing that our is one of the most mechanised Municipal Council of Punjab.

Even after the 64 years of Independence, unfortunately, required public toilets were not constructed apart from other civil amenities despite that the city has more than 10.5 sq. km of area. City expanded but it always be short of civil amenities. It’s painful to say that when I took charge of my office, there was not even a single female public toilet in the city. Today, we have constructed 12 state of the art ultra modern toilet blocks in the various commercial zones of the city.

Proudly, we say that we have installed timer based street lightings with energy saving equipments and 95% of the street lights have been installed. The only stadium in the Fazilka has also been renovated up to international standards with the facilities of sitting and the state of the art lighting. Furthermore, one of the accident black spots, Sanjeev Cinema Chowk has also been fitted with an automatic traffic signal in order to regulate the hazardous traffic.

These are our few achievements to name it. Over the period now residents of Fazilka have experiences all round development and now in the era of 21st century, when world is talking about e-governance, how can we be left behind. Today, on 10th October 2011, we are proudly making our municipal council Fazilka as first Online Municipal Council of the state.

I am richly confident that each of you would contribute to enable your city to attain new heights of progress and development. Let each one of you join hands with us to make our beautiful city World Class.

Clean Fazilka, Green Fazilka


President, Municipal Council Fazilka
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